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Balens White Balance Lens Cap 58mm

The white balance lens cap of Balens is an excellent alternative to measure your white balance more precise. You set your camera to create a customized white balance. Then perform the same operations, with one difference: Now you do not point your camera at a sheet of white paper, but position yourself with your back to the subject and aim the camera, with lens cap placed, in the direction of the subject. By doing so you obtain automatically a good white balance calibration, which ensure you that dominant colors play no role in your photo. The white dot on the baLens lenscap captures the light that shines on the subject and returns to you a completely neutral white balance.

Is delivered standard with a neutral dome for setting of natural, lifelike colors and a warm filter dome (similar to filter 81A) for warm colors.
Suitable for lenses with a diameter of 58mm.

BaLens white balance lens cap 58mm

Specifications and features for BaLens white balance lens cap 58mm


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