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The lens determines the final result to a large extent when shooting. With interchangeable camera systems such as an DSLR or mirrorless camera, you can choose the right lens for any photographic situation. Think of wide-angle, telephoto or macro lens. It is important to strike the right balance between the body and the selected lens.

Allround lens

Allround lenses

Would you like to be able to shoot both close up and distant objects without having to change lenses? Than consider an all-round lens. All-round zoom lenses are designed in 'trombone style', growing longer as they zoom in more..

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Wide-angle lenses

Thanks to the short focus distance and the large sharpness, a wide area can be captured. This is perfect for photographing landscapes, wedding parties or architecture

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Portrait lenses

The right lenses for portrait photography. What is more precious than a beautiful portrait of loved ones? With a light sensitive prime lens, every portrait will be a success.

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Telezoom lenses

With a telephoto lens you can bring objects that are further away closer. The lens has a large focal length and a small viewing angle. This is very suitable for portrait, sports and nature photography.

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Macro lens

Macro lenses

A macro lens is specifically designed to shoot objects from up close. A macro lens allows you to take close-ups of everyday objects.

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Fisheye lens

Fisheye lenses

A fisheye lens allows you to take a photo with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The human eye cannot offer a similar feat.

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Types of lenses

What do you want to photograph? This is the main question when choosing a camera lens. With a macro lens you can zoom in on the details of for example, plants and insects. Do you want to photograph buildings and landscapes, use a wide angle lens. For sports or if you want a long zoom, a telephoto lens is essential. Ideal for advanced photographers.

What lens do you choose?

You can simply divide lenses into two groups: fixed focal length (prime lens) and  variable focal length (zoom lens). The focal length indicates the range of the lens and is stated in millimeters. A zoom lens has a longer range, but a prime lens   generally makes clear pictures. The light sensitivity (aperture) determines the amount of light on the sensor. The lower the F-value, the more light, the better the picture.

Do you want to buy a new lens?

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