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Tilt Shift lens

Lenses where the perspective can be corrected

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13 Item(s)

A Tilt & Shift lens is a special kind of lens that enables you to change the sharpness (tilt) of a subject and to straighten warped vertical lines (shift right ).

By adjusting the tilt mechanism ensures that the whole subject remains in focus or only a certain part of the subject. The shift mechanism can draw distorted vertical lines right. This distortion is caused by the angle from which is photographed and is most common in wide-angle lenses. By using the shift mechanism you change the way the image is perceived on the sensor, ensuring that vertical line are truly vertical.

By using both the tilt and shift mechanism, you have complete control over vertical lines and field of depth.

Tilt & Shift lenses are popular with architecture photographers, which allows them to straighten distorted vertical lines, but also with product photographers who want to have complete control of field of depth.