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Rangefinder camera

Professional cameras with a viewfinder system and a unique character

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16 Item(s)

A rangefinder operates, since the introduction of the first Leica M in 1954, always in the same way: looking through a viewfinder establishing the framework is automatically adjusted to the focal point. The advantage of a rangefinder is that the viewfinder is always equally clear, regardless of the sensitivity of the lens. The precision of focusing on a rangefinder is very accurate. Thereby is the difference in the viewfinder and lens (parallax), while focusing, automatically compensated.

The available lenses (almost always fixed focal length) for a rangefinder are of incomparable quality in terms of sharpness, contrast and chromatic corrections. In addition, the medium to long focal lenses, offer an incredibly beautiful Bokeh.

A rangefinder is especially popular in reportage, travel, and wedding photography, this due to the light sensitivity of the lenses and the noiseless focal-plane shutter.