With phone accessories you can protect or transport your products, or place them on a holder. These accessories are specially designed to facilitate the use of your smartphone or tablet. In our range you will find various cables and adapters as well. This allows you to connect your smart device to external media players or TVs. This way you can always enjoy the best of all digital content.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Protect your tablet and smartphone

Today, only a few people leave the door without a smartphone. And we take our tablet with us on a regular basis as well. Therefore, it's no unnecessary luxury to protect your tablet or smartphone from scratches and dust. We offer various accessories to protect your precious smartphone or tablet, such as cases and covers. For more security, we recommend that you provide your smartphone touchscreen with a protective film. This provides an additional protective layer for the screen. This protective film can easily be attached and removed. These films are custom-made and fit exactly on the screen of your smartphone.

Joby smartphone holders

With us, you will find several holders of the Joby brand. These accessories are specially designed for use with your smartphone. Most holders are adjustable to be compatible with (almost) all smartphones. A smartphone holder is useful when you want to create stable images easily.

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