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Photographing historical or modern buildings: architectural photography

Architectural photography is partly covered by landscape and portrait photography. In fact, you portray buildings and show their character. A well considered perspective and strong composition are essential for putting the building in a good light. Did you know that the best photo moments are at the beginning or at the end of the day? The orange-red color of sunlight gives even the most modern building a warm atmosphere.

Be always well prepared! Know which buildings you want to record and take the right equipment with you. The camera bag of an architectural photographer is well filled. We recommend to always bring a tripod. It offers you more possibilities and it delivers sharper pictures. In addition, a wide-angle or telephoto lens also belongs to your standard equipment, because these accentuate patterns, lines and shapes. Do you want to give your photos a professional appearance? Take a polarization filter with you.

Architectural photography: Must haves

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