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Points of attention for security cameras


Image quality

A good security camera must have good resolution. If you want to be able to zoom into your image to recognise what you see, you should buy a Full HD camera. If you want a little more resolution, you can always choose a 4K camera.

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Wireless security cameras are easy to install, have no wires or cords and have built-in WiFi. Because they have WiFi, you don't have to lay any cables. Additionally, it makes them easy to set up. 

This doesn't mean that wired cameras offer less options for live viewing. With wired cameras you can also see what happens in or around your home on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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Various image angles

Pay close attention to the camera's angle of view: if this is too small, you might not be able to see as much in the frame as you want. In order to choose the right security camera that can capture everything you wish to see, it is important to think about the angle of view.

There are 2.8 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 12 mm and fish-eye security cameras. If you go for a 2.8 mm, you have a large angle of view and also a large area that you can monitor. The larger the number of millimeters, the smaller the angle of view. So think carefully about the area you wish to monitor.

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Placement of security camera

Before you install a security camera, you must consider where to place it. There is a big difference in indoor and outdoor cameras. For example, an outdoor camera must be weatherproof and preferably also 'vandal-proof'. You can read more about IP ratings for outdoor cameras here

IP cameras have been equipped with infrared, in order to capture images in the absence of light as well. This makes it possible to see in the dark, for example at night or when the lights inside are off.

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Built-in microphone and speaker

By using a remote function, you can see what happens in or around your home live on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

And now we take it one step further: a security camera with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker. This way, you can not only keep an eye on your house, but also communicate with people you see at that moment. 

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Types of storage

Security cameras can record in various types of files. It is therefore good to consider how you want to store the images when purchasing a security camera. Storing the video images a security camera makes for home security and security at work can be done in various ways, on a hard disk, iCloud or a NAS server.

Do you want something more professional? Then you can always opt for an NVR, network video recorder. You can connect multiple cameras to an NVR, and it has a hard disk for storing your images.

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