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B+W Filters

B+W are known for their quality filters. B+W keeps a close eye on quality during the whole production process. The filters are available in various options. For instance, a B+W UV filter, B+W grey graduation filter or B+W circular polarisation filter.

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

B+W premium series

Filters from the premium series are characterised by a thin XS-Pro Digital mount and an MRC Nano coating. The MRC Nano coating makes the lens dirt repellent. It also protects the filter from dust, grease and scratches. Filters from this series are a fine product for photographing with a DSLR camera with wide-angle lens. An example of a B+W filter from the premium series is the Cir Pol HTC MRC Nano XS-Pro Digital 77mm. The HTC filter minimises loss of light.

B+W professional series

The professional series has a thicker F-Pro mount. With lens filters from the professional series, you can create photos without reflections or light spots. The Cir Pol HTC MRC Nano F-Pro Digital 77mm is an example of a filter from the professional series. The F-Pro mount makes this B+W filter suitable for wide-angle lenses up to 24mm in full frame size.

Purchase a B+W filter?

With a B+W filter you choose a filter of excellent quality. Check out our selection online and choose a filter that meets your needs. If you order your filter on a business day before 15.00. and we have it in stock, we will send it to you the same night.

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