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    About BenQ

    BenQ stands for innovative technology and frequently distinctive design. The ultimate goal of BenQ is to meet the relevant demands of today. As a leading manufacturer of information technology and entertainment systems, the range of products covers a wide scope with the focus on the user-oriented solutions in digital lifestyle design.

    Development and corporate social responsibility

    The brand BenQ wishes to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life of everyone. They do so by combining design and technology which meet the wishes and needs of people. By remaining in dialogue with business partners, doctors and patients, educationalists and school children/families.

    By means of regular in-depth research and market analysis, BenQ looks at how technology and products can be used as effectively as possible.

    The corporate social responsibility of BenQ lies in concepts such as energy saving, environmental protection and conservation of resources.

    A short history

    BenQ began in 1984, with from 2001 a rapid growth as a brand that focuses on 'Bringing Enjoyment N' Quality', in other words providing people with digital lifestyle equipment.

    In the period 2007-2018, there was an expansion with the mission 'Bringing Enjoyment N' Quality'. This involves for instance developments in solutions for the business sector, healthcare and education.