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Nowadays, there are many UV filters on the market. You not only have the choice of different types, but the choice is also enormous in terms of specifications. It's nice that you can choose a UV filter based on all these properties that fully meets your needs. Yet that wide choice can also make you doubt. Because which UV filter is actually the best? We therefore gladly inform you about the best UV filters of the moment by means of a top 10 list.

  • 6 Tiffen 40.5mm UV Protection Filter

    Regular Price: £15.18

    Special Price £13.45

  • 7 Hoya HD 72mm UV Filter

    Regular Price: £79.28

    Special Price £48.55

  • 8 B+W UV Haze 55mm E

    Regular Price: £30.36

    Special Price £21.04

  • 9 B+W 010 UV 52mm E

    Regular Price: £30.36

    Special Price £21.04

  • 10 B+W 010 UV MRC 49mm

    Regular Price: £43.85

    Special Price £26.95

Best selling and most viewed UV filters

But why use a top 10 list? The list of best UV filters contains products that we sell the most online and which are also best viewed. This means that our customer decides which products appear in the top 10 list. Therefore, the list of products shown in this list can vary daily. So do you want to stay up-to-date on the best UV filters? Keep an eye on our top 10 list.

Up-to-date top 10 list best UV filters

  • Always up to date on the best UV filters
  • Selected from a wide range
  • Products with a fantastic design and exceptional specifications

Photospecialist is happy to help you select the best UV filter. Have a look at our top 10 list!

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