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Blackmagic is extremely popular with anyone who creates and edits digital video footage. The Australian company has been in existence since 1984 and is now active worldwide. A Blackmagic video camera is easily recognized by its sleek design, the black colors and the logo with the three orange squares. The company has a wide range for a complete workflow, but we focus primarily on the sublime (4K) video cameras. The videographer who is looking for professional movie equipment will always consider a Blackmagic.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Blackmagic is creative and innovative

Blackmagic is renowned for its innovative products in the field of film and video. Thus, the company was one of the first to make reliable 10-bit video storage. The strong codecs also gave the company a lot of fame. The company was also first in line when 4K became available to the consumer.

Blackmagic lets you create magic with images

Today, 4K video is the norm. This resolution makes videos even more beautiful. The seperate frames are even sharper. The bit rate is even higher. If you want to benefit from this, then a Blackmagic video camera is a must. These cameras combine innovative features with optimum ease of use and look extremely attractive. And that combination also creates a professional appearance. With a Blackmagic video camera, any movie production ensures the perfect recordings.

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