Video cables

With a video cable you can connect various devices. These cables allow you to transfer files from one medium to another. The video camera cables are available in different lengths. You can even find 15 meter long cords. The following video cables can be found in our range:

  • HDMI
  • Firewire

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1 Item(s)

Digital connection with HDMI cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface is the abbreviation for HDMI. An HDMI cable allows you to send digital audio and video files. Digital transmission reduces noise and increases image quality. In addition, HDMI also supports audio, making an HDMI cable ideal for transferring video.

Firewire cable

In addition to HDMi cables, we also offer Firewire cables, also known as IEEE 1394 and IEEE 1394b. With such a cable you can connect a video camera to a computer. This video camera cabling provides fast audio and video connections to audio and video devices. It is a requirement that your video camera supports Firewire.

Buy video camera cables online

In our range you will find several video camera cables of brands like Hama, Valueline and Atomos.

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