Crumpler camera bags are characterised by durability, indestructibility and high-quality finish. A camera bag by Crumpler is tested on its core functions multiple times. To underline their quality, Crumpler offers 30 years of warranty on its camera bags.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Crumpler camera shoulder bag

The Crumpler shoulder bags are stylish camera bags, and shine in their simplicity. Versatile with a timeless look. You can carry the fashionable Crumpler Doozie comfortably over your shoulder, it can easily be used as an every day bag. This camera bag with coloured zippers and seams has a separate compartment for small camera accessories.

Crumpler camera backpack

Crumpler is skilled in perfection. With that perfection in mind, the camera backpacks are designed. The popular Crumpler Proper Roady, a very robust camera backpack, can be carried on your back comfortably and stable. This backpack is very functional and stores two cameras, four lenses, many accessories and a laptop.

Crumpler camera bag features

You want a camera bag that will last you a lifetime. Crumpler's camera bags are handmade and feature strong seams where they are most needed. The Chicken Tex nylon fabric has a very high thread count, making the camera bags ultra strong. Both the bag and its compartments are coated, making them dust and water repellent. If you order your Crumpler on a business day before 15.00 PM and we have it in stock, we will send it to you the same night.

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