Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"

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Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"

Thanks to a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a pixel density of 140 ppi, the Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32" monitor offers the outstanding image quality that is so characteristic of Eizo. is virtually borderless and has just the right size and the right aspect ratio for office use, whether you opt for elegant black or brilliant white: the ultra-slim design with a 4mm edge and a completely flat front panel guarantees a clear impression between the display and the edge of the screen is on the side and the top only has an approximately 6mm thin, black glass edge, and the sides and back of the monitor offer a sleek and elegant look, in short it is a real eye-catcher that offers you all the space for your ideas. .

The monitor delivers an excellent image quality based on three pillars: excellent resolution of 3840x2160 (4K UHD) pixels, maximum contrast of 1300:1 and stable brightness with up to 350 CD/QM. That means: you enjoy sharp text contours, radiant illustrations and clear images. Thanks to the high-quality IPS panels with LED backlight, contrasts and colors remain stable from any viewing angle. Whether you use the FlexScan EV3285-BK for CAD, office or video applications, the monitor with 4K Ultra HD resolution facilitates your work with its exceptional display quality. The innovative 31.5 monitor has a native resolution of 3840x2160 (4K UHD) pixels and 140 ppi (pixels per inch), making texts and graphics clearer and sharper than ever.

With just one cable, the EV3285-BK becomes a fully-fledged dock for tablets, notebooks and smartphones. In addition to the usual data, the USB port of the EV3285-BK also transmits the DisplayPort image signal and the audio signal. Keyboard and mouse can be connected to the screen. The EV3285-BK also supplies the power and charges the battery of connected devices such as a Mac Book with a capacity of 60 watts, without the need for an external power adapter. When it comes to color nuances, the internal 10-bit Look-Up-Table (LUT) has great advantages: The assignment of color information is much more accurate than with traditional 8-bit LUTs. The color gradations are very fine and offer individual setting options: For example, you can set white points from 4000K to 10000K in steps of 500 K via color temperature control. You can also set the color saturation for RGB colors separately.

Fast, faster, Overdrive. The Overdrive function speeds up switching between images, so the gray-to-gray response time averages only 5ms. You can see movies and fast transitions between images without leaving anything of the previous image. Ergonomic and stable: ergonomics is central to the adjustable foot. You can rotate and tilt the monitor base in díe position that is most comfortable for your back, neck and sitting position. In addition, the monitor base is infinitely height-adjustable and, depending on the model, you can lower it down to the bottom plate of the foot. This allows you to position the upper edge of the screen ergonomically below eye level.

Features of the Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"

  • 31.5 inch Ultra HD 4K monitor with large display and high resolution with 140 dpi
  • Dock function for tablets, notebooks and smartphones with USB 3.1 type C port with DisplayPort signal channel and power supply up to 60 watts
  • With a screen border of only 1mm: super-compact and ultra-elegant design
  • Contrast 1300:1, brightness 350 CD/M² ;, viewing angle 178°
  • Auto-EcoView, EcoView-Index and EcoView Optimizer for maximum energy savings and optimal ergonomics
  • 2 HDMI and 2 DisplayPort signal inputs (of these integrated in USB-C)
  • USB-C: one cable for everything
  • 10-bit-LUT for exact color control
  • Overdrive for fast transitions between images
  • Flexible foot

Included as standard with the Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"

  • Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"
  • Power cord
  • USB/signal cable (USB type C - USB type C)
  • Signal cable DisplayPort - DisplayPort
  • Signal cable HDMI - HDMI
  • Quick guide
  • Cable cover
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Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"
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Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"

Eizo FlexScan EV3285-BK 32"


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