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Flash diffusers

A flash diffuser is a plastic hood that you place in front of or over a flash. This nifty accessory allows you to determine the effect of the flash light. For instance, a diffuser reduces hard light effects, creating softer shadows. This retains the details in light parts and colour tones are displayed realistically. In addition, a flash hood broadens the light, which allows for better distribution of light.

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1 Item(s)

Mounting a flash diffuser

Most flash diffusers can be attached to a flash head directly. However, mounting is different for every flash diffuser. Some have a click or magnet system, while others can be attached with velcro.

Choose the right diffuser

Often, a diffuser will only be suitable for one type of flash. That's why it is important that you choose a flash diffuser that's compatible with your equipment. There are also diffusers available for internal flashes, the so-called pop-up diffusers. The colour of the diffuser might also play a role in your choice. Most are white, but you can also get them in yellow or orange. This is useful when you want to create warm light in hard light conditions. A white flash hood is neutral and therefore ensures a harmonious result.

Purchase your flash diffuser online

We offer flash diffusers from various brands in our selection. You can choose from brands like Green.L, Jinbei, Lastolite, Magmod and Gary Fong.

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