Jinbei is introducing a new firmware update. We'd like to take the opportunity to explain how you can download the firmware. 

The Jinbei Firmware Update is available for the following products (click the product to start the download):

 How do I complete the updating process?

  • Download the desired update.
  • If you wish to perform the update on the HD-601 HSS, HD-610 and MARS3-TTL, remove the battery. In the battery compartment, you will find the mini-USB port for connecting it to your computer. When updating the MSN-TTL, first connect the power and USB cable and then turn on the flash. It will be recognised as removable disk.
    Please note: if your device is from before September 2017, this process is only secure with Windows 7. 
    New devices can also be updated with Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • After the computer and flash are connected, the flash will appear on your computer as a new removable disk. With the TR-611/612 and the TR-Q6/C/N/S, connect the remote controls to the computer with a micro-USB cable and switch them on. For the TR-Q6 models, keep the ON button pressed during the updating process.
  • Next, drag the downloaded bin file to the removable disk.
  • Disconnect the USB connection, you can use the flash right away. The devices are ready for use immediately after the update.

 Tips for a smooth download

  • If possible, select 'remove safely' before disconnecting the device from the computer.
  • Use a Windows 7 computer for devices from before September 2017. Newer models can only be updated with Windows 8 and Windows 10, because of their hardware.
  • If the device is not detected on a USB port, try connecting it to another USB port.
  • Try it again if the device doesn't turn on after the update. This usually solves the issue.
  • If you have updated one device (for example, the remote control), also update the other device (for example, the flash). This way, the devices will keep working well together.

Compatibility products Jinbei Firmware Update

Would you like to know the compatibility of the products? Check out the compatibility lists:

 If you experience any issues, feel free to contact our customer service. Our experts are ready to help.