Under the brand name Photospecialist, we carry a number of our own products. Recently, Maico Barneveld of defotoblogger.nl brought the Photospecialist RS-80N3 Timer Remote Control on his trip to Finland. We are very curious what Maico's findings about this remote control were. Read the review below.

If you've ever taken a photo early in the morning, late in the day/evening, or on a cloudy day, you will have noticed that you needed shutter speeds of (half) a second easily. Some of us have steady hands, and swear that they can take steady pictures from the hand, with a low ISO, medium aperture, and a shutter speed of a good second. And yet, my advice is to use a remote control. I'm not suggesting you don't have a steady hand, but you are a human being, so you (or your subject) might move. Movements make movement blur possible. To prevent this, you put your camera on a tripod, or on the ground, or something else that doesn't move. And don't be stubborn and press that shutter button yourself. The smallest movements of the camera might blur the picture.

Practising with long shutter speeds

For a while now, I have been perfecting my long shutter speed techniques, by photographing in the evening a lot. I went to a workshop for evening photography in Amsterdam for instance, but I also practised in Finland, with shooting the Northern Lights. There, I used the Photospecialist remote control that I purchased from Foto Konijnenberg. My old remote control had broken and I was ready for... scratch that, I really needed a new one.


Why the Photospecialist Remote Timer?

I didn't have a big budget for a new remote control, therefore I looked for one with a wire. These are a little cheaper to purchase and don't suffer from interference in the wireless signal. But I did have a few features on my wish-list, which were:

  • Interval function
  • Bulb function
  • Timer
  • Delayed starting

The RS-80N3 has all these features. That's why it was a safe and economic choice to purchase this remote control. The only thing, is that it doesn't turn off unfortunately. You really have to take the batteries out to make sure they don't run empty.


My experience

What I find important, is that the remote control has a Bulb function. This lets you determine the shutter speed very accurately yourself, and this is very useful for long to extremely long exposure times. Another interesting function in my opinion, is the interval. This allows you to determine in advance at which interval the camera should take pictures. This is highly suitable for time-lapse photography.

Foto Maico

The Photospecialist remote control feels good in your hands, even when you're wearing gloves. I also find that the batteries last quite long in the remote control. I think I used it for at least a couple of hours every day when I was in Finland. As I said before, it is a little unfortunate that it doesn't have an OFF function. Other than that, the lighting is clear, and very readable in the twilight and dark. And those are mostly the times where you'd use the remote control.

In short: a remote control for a good price, with useful settings. I would purchase this again in a heartbeat!