Give your house a new look by having your photos printed on canvas, aluminium, Forex or plexiglass! It can be hard to decide what the right material is sometimes. You want to find the right combination of a beautiful photo and fitting material. If you can manage that, you can make your house into a home. We are here to give you tips, so that you can make an informed choice and make your photos look their best.

Aan de slag met wanddecoratie

Photo on canvas

  • Popular choice
  • Printed on high-quality linen
  • Canvas has a rich texture

People often choose canvas for their wall decoration. Photos are printed on high-quality linen canvas, which is then fitted onto a wooden frame. A photo that's printed on canvas has a rich texture. Little mistakes in the colours or focusing will become less apparent, so if you have a photo that is of a lower quality than you'd like, printing on a canvas is a perfect choice. Canvas gives off a homely feel and will certainly complement your living room or bedroom!

Photo on aluminium

  • Durable and modern
  • Crisp image quality and matte finish
  • Perfect for the architecture photographer

If you like durable and modern wall decoration, a photo on aluminium is an excellent choice. Printing a photo on aluminium gives it an exclusive feel and ensures that your photo gets the attention it deserves. A photo on aluminium works well in spaces that have a minimalist design and neutral colours. Is your photo a black-and-white of an urban landscape? Print it on aluminium! The crisp image quality and matte finish will make the photo pop. Perfect for the architecture photographer!

The photo is printed on a thin aluminium sheet. Next, this sheet is glued onto another 3-mm Dibond (plastic) sheet. The backside of the Dibond sheet is covered with a second sheet of thin aluminium. This combination gives you a very durable and form-retaining print that you can hang both indoors and outdoors.

Aan de slag met wanddecoratie

A photo on Forex

  • Professional and durable
  • Non-discolouring and form-retaining
  • Ideal for the landscape photographer

Printing a photo on Forex really brings out its colours. Vibrant photos of beautiful holiday destinations come to life when they are printed on Forex. A real eye-catcher for in your home! Printing a photo on Forex gives it a professional look, thanks to the crisp details and intense colours. A photo on Forex is perfect for every landscape photographer!

Forex is also known as foamboard. This type of print is characterised by its light weight (compared to the types mentioned above), and the white colour of the PVC. Forex is a pure white, which will do the colours of your photo justice. Photos on Forex work very well in rooms with clean lines and colourful details.

Photo on plexiglass

  • 2.5x as clear as glass
  • Printed mirrored on the back of the plexiglass
  • Intense colours and a beautiful sense of depth

Would you like to decorate your wall with a high-quality product? Printing your photo on plexiglass will allow you to do just that. Plexiglass improves the colours, depth and details of your photo. It offers exceptional image quality and a beautiful gloss. Because the photo is printed on the back of the plexiglass, the colours are protected. A unique feature of plexiglass is that it gives a feeling of depth to your photo.

All photos look amazing on plexiglass, but detailed portraits might work even better! These photos provide a creative touch to your home.

Aan de slag met wanddecoratie

Play around with the format

These materials all allow you to play around with the format. You could go for print in portrait shape, landscape, or maybe even a square photo? Of course, it depends on the type of photo you wish to print. A panorama photo of mountains will look better in landscape format than on a square one. But then again, the latter would work better for a macro photo. For this reason, you should always consider the type of photo you are going to be printing. You could also play around with the format by dividing the photo across 3 prints, which you then hang side-by-side with a few centimetres in between. This will give it a unique effect. In short, there are plenty of options to work with!

There is more

In addition to canvas, aluminium, Forex and plexiglass, you can also print your photo on "diamond glass" (extra clear glass) or on a poster! Did you know that you can print your photo at Photospecialist? Have a look at and design your own beautiful wall decoration!