Hama Filters

Hama offers various photography accessories for both the professional and the amateur photographer. For instance, the Hama adapter rings. An adapter ring allows you to attach filters/converters to the lens of your camera. Hama adapter rings are available in various sizes, so there's always an adapter ring that meets your wishes. Most Hama adapter rings are made from polycarbonate. This material is lightweight and guarantees a long working life of your adapter ring.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Hama filter gripper

Aside from Hama adapter rings, we also offer Hama filter grippers. A filter gripper is suitable for filters which have become difficult to remove. With a Hama filter gripper, you can remove a filter quickly and easily. Filter grippers in our selection are suitable for filters with a diameter between 62mm and 86mm.

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Did you find a Hama adapter ring that you like? If you order your Hama product on a business day before 16:00 hrs. and we have it in stock, we will send it to you the same night.

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