LanParte offers handy accessories for experienced videographers. The brand is best known for the rigs that have been produced with verve. These rigs are made of durable materials and are very user-friendly. LanParte always tries to find the perfect ratio between price and quality. Moreover, LanParte's rigs are delivered complete, so that you can enjoy maximum stability and flexibility during your productions as a videographer.


11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Complete with LanParte accessories

The handy LanParte accessories, such as the mount battery and the tap charger, can be connected to the professional rigs. LanParte products have been produced with care so that you can be assured of high user friendliness and durability.

Features of LanParte video material

  • Connect different devices at the same time
  • The battery provides both your camera and any accessories with power
  • Maximum stability through support on your shoulder

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