Lens Caps

A lens cap protects your precious lens against dust, moisture and sand. To avoid scratches it is advisable to use a lens cap. We recommend that you always use a lens cap and never leave the camera without a lens cap. Have you lost your lens cap or do you want a spare lens cap? See our wide range of lens caps.

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)

The size of the lens cap

Make sure you buy a lens cap for the right purpose, with the correct size and compatibility. Do not you know what size lens cap you need? On the camera lens you often find the diameter of your lens. That number is required when you purchase a lens cap. The diameter is often indicated by ø and a number in millimeters. If your camera lens says ø49, you will need a 49mm lens cap.

Type of lens caps

You can find different types of lens caps in our range, which include a convenient sliding system that lets you easily remove and replace the lens cap. Also, there are lens caps that are fitted with a string to prevent losing the lens cap.

Buy your lens cap online

In our webshop you will find a wide range of lens caps. Buy your lens cap online.

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