Medium Format camera

A medium format camera has a larger sensor than a small camera (for example, SLRs). The larger sensor has a larger area for even more pixels. The result is amazing: over 30 megapixels and crisp images full of detail. A medium format camera is therefore suitable for making very large prints without any noise. The larger sensor does not fit into a compact housing, so a mid-size camera is anything but small and light. Medium format cameras are mainly used by professional photographers and several models are available. 

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Advantages of a medium format camera

In addition to the larger sensor's larger area for more megapixels, there are additional benefits. A medium format camera allows you to create a larger dynamic range and cleaner images. Medium format cameras have a much smaller depth of field and bring a lot more detail in a photo.

Hasselblad medium format cameras

With a Hasselblad camera, you get high quality photos with vibrant bright colours, allowing the colour to flow into eachother smoothly. For perfect horizontal or vertical positioning of your camera, you can use the Digital Spirit Level feature.

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