The MIOPS Trigger will support you, as photographer, in making the best photos in certain situations. It is a compact and lightweight device, which features a colour LCD display. The Nero has six ways to activate your camera. Have a look at our selection to decide which MIOPS Trigger best fits your camera or flash.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Sound Mode

High Speed photography, which captures exploding objects and glass for instance, will become a breeze with the help of the Sound Mode. MIOPS Trigger will ensure that your flash flashes at the right moment. The flash sensitivity can be adjusted from 1 to 999. It is also possible to control the delay, from 0 to 999 milliseconds.

Endless possibilities

Aside from the Sound Mode, the MIOPS Trigger offers many other possibilities for taking perfect photos. For instance, the Time Lapse Mode, HDR Mode, Laser Mode, DIY Mode and Lightning Mode. MIOPS Trigger captures all moments for you, effortlessly.

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