Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX

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Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX

The Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX has a waterproof and condensation-free design thanks to nitrogen gas filling. This is an ideal high-power viewer for water sports enthusiasts who often find themselves on rough or sloping seas. To help reduce the disorientation and discomfort that is often experienced when watching through binoculars on the water, the Action Extreme has a wide exit pupil and field of view that keeps the entire scene in view and minimizes the movement of the horizon line, plus a long inter-ocular distance that provides the space to remove the eyes of the eyepieces for a more comfortable viewing position.

The traditional Porro prism design, combined with the extra large lens lenses, BAK4 prism glass and multilayer coated optics, provides a clear contrast with sharp colors and a rich depth of field so that users can differentiate the relative distance between objects in the view, even in low light. The optical tubes are filled with nitrogen and sealed to be watertight and resistant to internal condensation at extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. The tripod mount makes convenient hands-free use possible.

Features of the Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX

  • Waterproof (up to 1 meter deep for 5 minutes)
  • Free of condensation through nitrogen gas filling
  • High-eyepoint design for a complete picture, also for people who wear glasses
  • Wide field of view
  • Lenses are provided with a multi-layer coating
  • Excellent color reproduction and clarity
  • Rubber housing: shockproof and accurate and comfortable hand position

Included as standard with the Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX

  • Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX
  • Protection caps
  • User manual
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Nikon Action 10x50 CF EX
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