Nodal Ninja

In 2004, Nodal Ninja started the production of the first Nodal Ninja: SPH-1. Since then, the company has grown and now offers five base models, Object VR turn tables, various rotators, carbon fibre poles and over 200 accessories. Nodal Ninja strives to employ authorised dealers that value customer service.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga

The Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga is a panorama head which allows you to easily make high resolution panorama photos. The degree level can be adjusted quickly and easily by pulling one or two rotators. Because of its intuitive design, the Nodal Ninja M2 Giga makes it possible to record images faster than with a computer operated panorama head.

Nodal Ninja EZ Leveler II

The second generation Nodal Ninja EZ leveler. This model is smaller, lighter and made with great precision. The Nodal Ninja leveler is particularly suitable for very easy and robust levelling of your camera on any tripod. Its load bearing capacity is about 10 kilos, and even with that weight movements are still executed smoothly.

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