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Photo camera

Do you want to photograph with an DSLR, a compact camera or a mirrorless camera? We have a wide range of cameras. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced hobbyist or a professional photographer, we always have a camera that suits your needs best. Do you have questions or would you like a detailed advice? Please contact our customer service.

For beginners

For beginners

The camera for the novice photographer. Cameras for beginners are easy to use, yet offer plenty of opportunities for beautiful photos

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For advanced

For advanced

The photo camera for the advanced photographer. Photo cameras where some photographic knowledge is required, so you can optimally use all features

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For professionals

For professionals

The photo camera for the professional photographer. Photo cameras for the professional. Valuable models with everything you need, and with tremendous expansion capabilities

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The versatility of a photo camera

Cameras come in many types and sizes. You can take a compact camera with you anywhere you go and it is easy to operate. Do you want to choose the settings of your camera and do you have some knowledge of photography? Then a system camera or an SLR is right for you. Both cameras offer the ability to change lenses. An SLR has a viewfinder system with a mirror and a system camera has an electronic viewfinder.

Photo camera features

Many photographers use a single body, and alternately use multiple lenses. A lens for telephoto shots, a lens for portraits, a lens for landscape photography, etc. The lens is actually the most important part of the camera. The lens determines whether you get the most out of the body and also determines the quality of the photograph. The other properties that determine the quality of a photograph are the aperture, the shutter speed and the ISO.

Buy your photo camera online

At Photospecialist, you've come to the right place. With over 40 years of experience, we are the specialist in photographic equipment. On our webshop, you will find a large assortment of cameras. If you order your camera before 4pm, you will receive the camera within 2 working days by UPS. We always supply quality products, so you can be sure that you have purchased a good camera for a low price.

Camera advice

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