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Professional forms of photography

Not every photographer is a professional photographer. Professional photography is much more than just shooting photos. With professional photography, knowledge, experience and creativity come into play. Professional photographers capture objects by means of photographs with a commercial value. Forms of professional photography include press photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, industrial photography, business photography and medical photography.

An independent professional photographer must have many competences to be successful. Both an eye for composition, skills with photo editing and technical knowledge of the camera and accessories. To transport all photographic equipment safely, a trolley is indispensable. This ensures that the equipment is transported shock- and weather-resistant. A professional photographer benefits greatly from a good grip of the camera, so take a battery grip with you.

Professional photography: Must haves

Never run out of storage

Never run out of storage

With a memory card, you never run out of storage. Your photos and videos are transferred with lightning speed and can easily be accessed through…

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