A smartwatch is a digital watch that you can connect to your smartphone in many cases. This allows you to quickly see if you're getting messages or calls. Such a watch can display various notifications of, for example, Whatsapp messages, emails, incoming calls, or social media. In addition, most smartwatches have sensors that collect information about the user. Consider, for example, heart rate data and the number of burned calories. This makes the smartwatch the ultimate accessory for fanatical athletes.

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12 Item(s)

Why a smartwatch?

Why would you buy a smartwatch if you already have a smartphone? The answer is simple. A smartwatch is just a fun gadget and it offers many more options than a normal watch. In addition, it also provides a lot of convenience. You can see incoming messages without having to pick up your phone.


A Fitbit is a kind of smartwatch that measures your daily activities, from running to stair climbing. It's a handy tool when you want to move more or to track how much you move in a day. A Fitbit can be used with a Fitbit app, available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Via the app, the Fitbit can be synchronized with your smartphone.

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