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For strobist photography, you use a wireless flash without attaching it to your camera. Instead, place the flash wherever you want and operate the flash remotely with a cable or wireless trigger. This gives you the freedom to play with flashlight. Because you do not flash directly on the subject, the exposure quality of your photos significantly improves. In our range you will find useful tools that are a must for every strobist photographer.

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

Flash units for strobist photography

A flash is an important item for the strobist photographer. It is advisable to choose a flash that you can manually set. In addition, it is convenient to choose a flash with a rechargeable battery. With such a flash you can create completely wireless light, at any location. So no hassle with cables, which makes a rechargeable flash very suitable for outdoor photo shoots.

Wireless flash

Do you really want to flash wirelessly, then a wireless trigger set is an option. Such a set consists of a transmitter and receiver, which makes a flash cable unnecessary. When buying a trigger set, it is advisable to watch the range of the set. This way you know exactly what distance you can place the flash (units).

Creative flash

There are various accessories available that enable you to get creative with flash light. These accessories can also be used for strobist photography. Think of, for example, softboxes, reflectors, barn doors and diffusors. With these accessories, the light is spread in different ways, to create different effects.

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