Tamron 180mm F 3.5 Macro 1:1 Canon

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Tamron 180mm F 3.5 Macro 1:1 Canon

Tamron 180mm F 3.5 Macro 1:1 Canon

As a super performance (SP) lens, this lens belongs to the best macro lenses in the world. It has very good resolution ability, strongly decreased light fall-off up to the edges, minimized chromatic aberration and excellent stray light behavior making this lens the first choice for digital APS-C and full frame cameras. This lens was constructed for macro functionality; however, it also makes an excellent figure with medium-tele shots and shines with its extremely sharp, high contrast and high brilliant results. This lens stands in the tradition of the legendary 90 mm 1:1 macro.

Apart from the long focal length the lens also offers a big working distance, which is often required for capturing images of small creatures. Furthermore, the so-called FEC (filter Effect Control) allows the rotation of a polarization filter while the hood is attached. *SP (Super Performance) - This lens belongs to the Super performance (SP) class of Tamron lenses distinguished by ultra high optical and mechanical quality. The designation “Di” (Digitally Integrated Design) marks a generation of lenses, which have been specially adapted to the higher requirements of digital SLR cameras (APS-C and full frame).


- Groups-Elements: 11-14
- Angle of view: 14
- Diaphragm Blades: 7
- Minimum Aperture: f32
- Minimum Object Distance [m]: 0.47
- Maximum Magnification Ratio: 1:1
- Filter size [mm]: 72
- Weight [g]: 920
- Diameter x Length [mm]: 84.8 x 165.7
- Maximum Aperture: f3.5

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Tamron 180mm F 3.5 Macro 1:1 Canon
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