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Tripod Feet

A tripod foot increases the stability of your tripod. There are various types of tripod feet for various types of surface. There are metal spikes, suitable for using a tripod in sand or on a soft surface. Rubber tripod feet are excellent for slippery surfaces. Choose the tripod foot that fits your goal!

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Be prepared and bring tripod feet

When you regularly photograph outdoors, you encounter all kinds of surface. You might be working somewhere where there's sand, snow, or mud. Naturally, you want to have a stable basis for your camera in these situations too. By attaching the right tripod feet to your tripod, you can be sure that your tripod sits firmly on any type of surface. What's more, the tripod feet are easy to attach. So should you run in to different kinds of surface during your photography trip, simply switch the tripod feet.

Various brands of tripod feet

When your old tripod feet need replacing, you have come to the right place. When buying tripod feet, make sure they are compatible with your tripod. In our selection, you will find tripod feet of brands like Gitzo, Manfrotto and Coman.

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