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White Balance

By setting the white balance, you tell the camera which parts of an image should be white. Sometimes it happens that photos get a yellow or blue glow without this being the intention. This is due to the color temperature of the light source you are using. Prevent your photos from getting a color tinge and ensure a proper white balance. In our range you will find various products that can assist you.

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15 Item(s)

What is white balance?

The color depends on the source of light. Light consists of three colors: red, green and blue. Together, these RGB colors form white light. The color temperature changes when more or less light is present in a particular color. Thus, a fluorescent lamp gives more blue light and a light bulb produces a more orange / yellow light color. We can not (always) see these light colors because our brains correct this automatically. A camera is much more sensitive and can distinguish the different colors. The camera must therefore correct these light colors. This is called the white balance. The white balance actually determines which colors should actually be white. If the white balance is not correct, a photo will get wrong colors.

Set white balance

The color temperature is indicated in Kelvin. You can set the white balance by indicating the amount of Kelvin on the camera. To do this, you should be aware of the color temperature. If you do not know this, you can use a greyscale. Finally, on many cameras you can also indicate what kind of light you are working with. For example, think of sunny, shadow, light bulb and so on.

Use greyscale

A greyscale card is color neutral. This means that it is graphically in the middle between black and white. Therefore, you can use a greyscale for the correct white balance. Focus on the greyscale and use the photo of the greyscale as a reference photo when setting the white balance.

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