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The most beautiful photo locations

Herd behaviour of the landscape photographer

There is a photographer hype in recent years in a number of well-known and less well-known locations, partly caused by Instagram. In the series "Herd behaviour of the landscape photographer", you will read about the different photography locations that have the dubious honor of being called an Instagram hotspot.

In the past, we chose our holiday based on the good stories of family and friends. The slide show at uncle Steve about the summer holidays on Lake Garda unknowingly played a role in the decision making proces at the travel agency. Nowadays, we see many amazing photo's of the most amazing destinations online. A spectacular development for all companies in the tourism industry. Where Iceland only welcomed half a million tourists in 2010, no less than 1.28 million tourists visited the island, with only 330,000 inhabitants in 2015. Many suggest that Instagram is the main cause of this unreal growth.

Besides Iceland there are, of course, many more Instagram hotspots. We would like to give you an overview of the most beautiful and famous photo locations in the world.

Photo: Edwin Mooijaart

The Netherlands Posbank

Apart from the South of Limburg, the Posbank is the highest area in the Netherlands. The hills are completely covered with heaths and some lush trees and plants above the purple flowers.                                     

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Photo: Ilona Makkinga

Greece Santorini

Santorini has become a victim of its own beauty. The beautiful Greek volcanic island, surrounded by the azure Mediterranean Sea, is a perfect setting for photographing a sunset.                                           

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Photo: Clair Droppert

The Netherlands Tulip fields

This is as Dutch as it gets. In spring, the polder landscape is coloured and characterized by the many flower fields that bloom during this period.                                                                                               

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Photo: Ronald Jansen

Belgium Hallerbos

Just below Brussels lies the Haller forest. Probably the most photographed forest of Europe, certainly by the end of April. During this period, the Haller forest is covered with a large carpet of purple forest hyacinths. 

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Photo: Edwin Mooijaart

The Netherlands I amsterdam

The I amsterdam letters, a striking photography subject in a list of mainly nature-related subjects. Nevertheless, the letters are a real hotspot.                                                                                             

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Photo: Felix Inden

Norway Lofoten

In the north of Norway is the archipelago of Lofoten. A wonderfully beautiful area for the landscape photographer. Steep mountain peaks and picturesque fishing villages are characteristic for this area. 

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