Intra-Community delivery

Do you want to order something for your business, and do you pay VAT as a company outside the Dutch borders? You can then place an intra-Community order via our website. Then you do not pay VAT.

First create a business account by choosing 'Business' and entering the details requested, including your VAT number. Kamera Express can only deliver intra-Community if the VAT number is active and registered in another EU country. Click here to create a business account.

You will receive the goods (after an advance payment). PLEASE NOTE: In case of an intra-Community delivery, we have to send the order to a delivery address in the same country of establishment where the VAT number is also registered. It is therefore not possible to pick up your order in the store. This service only applies to new products and is not available to private individuals.

VAT refund

Do you live outside the European Union, but you have made a purchase with us as a private individual? In many cases, you are then entitled to a VAT refund. This is however subject to a number of conditions:

  • You buy the goods (incl. VAT) in our store, and asks for a physical invoice. It is important that you have your name and residence outside the EU included on the invoice.
  • The name on the invoice must match the name on your passport.
  • The total value of the invoice must be at least €50, including VAT.
  • Export within 3 months after purchase.
  • When you leave Europe, you get an export stamp on the original invoice at the relevant customs office in the EU (for example at customs at Schiphol).

Then send the original invoice (with export stamp) – within 3 months of purchase – accompanied by a copy of your passport (showing that you normally reside outside the EU), together with your bank/giro details by post to:


Kamera Express BV

Att: Administration

Essebaan 55, 2908 LP Capelle aan den IJssel


We will then refund the VAT paid by you to your account after the deduction of €25 service costs.

The above conditions have been imposed by the Tax Authorities. If all these conditions are not met, no VAT refund can take place. Download the 'Export outside the EU/VAT' form here.