Intra-Community delivery

If you want to purchase products from Photospecialist as a company, you can opt for an intra-community delivery. This delivery is taxed with 0% VAT. For an intra-community supply, it is essential that you provide your VAT registration number with country code at checkout. Below you can read about how to add a VAT registration number with your country code. You can order with or without an account. It is not possible to use Paypal Express Checkout for VAT free deliveries.

Order with an account

If you have an account and you opt for an intra-community delivery, your VAT number and country cod have to be registered in our system. Therefore it is important to first log in with your username and password. Then place the products you want to order in the shopping cart and click on the green button "Proceed to Checkout." This will open a new page. If you have not yet linked any address to your account you will see a blank address form. This form must be fully completed, including your VAT number and country code. 

Providing a correct VAT-number

When filling in your VAT-number in the address form, our web site automatically checks whether the number is valid.  If the VAT number is not approved, it might be the following cause:

  • The VAT-number is incorrect. Please note: a VAT-number consists only of numbers and letters, so it contains no dots or other characters.
  • You have not entered the country code or the country code is incorrect.
  • The order of the VAT-number and the country code are incorrect. First enter the country code (GB) followed by the VAT-number (9 digits or numbers)
  • Example: GBxxxxxxxxx

After the address form has been completed and the VAT-number has been approved, you can continue the ordering process. You are currently registered as a business customer, so you can order intra-community.

Private Tax Refund

A VAT refund is available for non-EU residents buying from Kamera Express privately. It is necessary for the goods to be exported within 3 months of purchase. This procedure has the following conditions attached:

The VAT must be paid in whole when purchasing the goods in store. It is important that your full name and address of your residence outside of the EU are included on the invoice. Please make sure to ask for this, as you will not be eligible for a VAT refund if this information is not included on the invoice.

The total value of the purchase should have an amount of at least €50,-.

When leaving the EU, make sure to get the original invoice stamped with an export stamp from the relevant customs office, for example customs at Schiphol Airport. The products will need to be presented at customs.

To obtain your VAT refund, you will need to send the following to Kamera Express Rotterdam BV, Essebaan 55, 2908 LJ, Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland:

  1. The original invoice with the customs stamp and signature,
  2. a copy of your passport (showing that you are a non-EU resident), and
  3. your bank account/giro information.

Once these documents have been received, Kamera Express will transfer the VAT to your bank account, minus an administration fee of €25,-.

To summarise:

  1. The invoice should contain your full name and non-EU address.
  2. Include a copy of your passport showing that you are a non-EU resident.
  3. The name of the invoice must correspond with the name on the passport.
  4. The goods must be exported within 3 months of purchase.
  5. The original invoice must contain an export stamp and signature.
  6. The total value of the purchase should have an amount of at least €50,-.
  7. The purchased items must be shown at customs.

If any of the above-mentioned conditions are not met, no VAT will be refunded. The conditions are set by the Tax Authorities. VAT Refund is a service provided by our company. No rights can be derived from the service.

You can download the ‘Export outside the EU/VAT’ document here.