Video dollies

A video dolly is a flat frame on wheels on which you can place a video camera. A dolly is a handy tool when you want to make smooth and vibrational recordings. Depending on your wishes, you can shoot in a straight line, but it is also possible to record in an arc or circle.

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3 Item(s)

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A dolly is generally used to move the camera from or to the subject. This is also called a dolly shot. In the film industry, camera dolly's are used a lot. They are often combined with rails to create smooth movements on the horizontal axis. But also for the private individual there are several dolly's on the market. They are just a much smaller and simpler variant.

Mounting a video camera

It depends on the dolly how you should mount the video camera. Some dolly's are equipped with an arm on which you mount the camera, others have a thread on which you can turn a ball head.

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In our range you will find camera dolly's of brands like Pico Dolly and Ringlight. 

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